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Three Generations of Clock Repair

Damaged Clocks

Some clock movements require more work.  The top photo shows a cracked spring barrel.  For this repair, a new spring barrel had to be made.  Sometimes when a spring breaks, other gears around it are damaged and they too have to be repaired.

The bottom photo shows two worn pivot holes.  When a pivot hole becomes worn, sometimes the pivot gets lodged or the gears don't line up and the clock won't run.  These have to be drilled and a bushing pressed in.  Once that's completed, the movement is reassembled and timed out. 

Total Clock Repair

We specialize in the service and repair of wall  and mantle Clocks, Grandfather / Grandmother clocks, Cuckoo Clocks and many other antique clocks.  This includes all American, German and French Clocks.  We are authorized with Howard Miller, Sligh and Ridgeway Clocks.  We also work on New Haven, Herschedes and Hermle movements. We also do repairs on some battery and electric clocks.  

"We take pride in our workmanship"

Many Clocks are handed down from one generation to another and we understand this more than anyone.  We take pride in our family heritage and guarantee our work.  We can provide you with dependable clock repair for your treasured family heirloom or collectible antique.  We strive to keep the quality service and craftsmanship that Grandpa started. 

Does Your Clock Need Repair?

When your clock isn't performing correctly, it is time for it to be serviced.   

When a clock is in need of cleaning, the movement must be completely dismantled for proper servicing.  All gears and levers must be cleaned and all pivots polished.  The movement, all gears and springs are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.   Many times, new bushings need to be installed where the pivot holes have been worn.  

We provide everything from routine maintenance to complete overhauls.  We use the finest synthetic oil to lubricate all pivot points and releases and insure the movement will operate as it is meant to for the greatest number of years possible.   

House Calls

We do make House Calls.  Like all clocks, Grandfather clocks need periodic maintenance to keep them in good running order.  If your grandfather clock needs servicing, we will come to the home and service the clock.  If the movement needs cleaning, we will remove the movement, weights, and pendulum and bring it back to the shop.  Here we can clean it, make the necessary repairs and diagnostics.  Once we are satisfied that the clock is working properly again, we will return the movement back to the case.

Please call us and we can discuss your clock repair needs.  If we need to, we can schedule an appointment for a service call or for your to bring your clock to our shop.    

Clock Repair and Services

Free Estimates

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All work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.          We provide free estimates.      We do make house calls.

Clocks for Sale:

Occasionally we do have some clocks for sale.  

Free Estimates Call
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The photo above shows a damaged handshaft cannon.  

Gustav Becker Clocks

This is a small collection of three German antique Grandfather Clocks and a German Wag.  All are in good working condition and we guarantee them for 1 year. 

Above Photo: Tim & Pat Henz standing next to a clock their grandfather built.

Left Photo: Pat standing next to a clock his father made.

​Right Photo: Tim working on a grandfather clock in his shop.